Blockers Trailer: John Cena trying hard to stop his daughter losing her virginity
Friday, October 13, 2017 16:09 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
WWE superstar John Cena who has successfully marked his presence in Hollywood with his acting is now back again with his new movie, 'Blockers'.

'Blockers' is a story about three parents who have watched their daughters grow up together, secure in the knowledge that they can keep them safe in the world. But now, as prom approaches, they stumble upon a pact between the three girls to lose their virginities the night of the dance.

Determined to stop them, the parents go to outrageous lengths - if you've ever wanted to see former wrestler Cena chug beer in his rear end, this is the film for you, you weirdo - to intercede.

The comedy is starring Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz. 'Blockers' is directed by Kay Cannon. The film is set to release in spring next year!

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