Venom 2: Andy Serkis Swings his way into Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Wednesday, August 07, 2019 14:27 IST
By Shaurya Thakur , Santa Banta News Network
After being on Tom Hardy's shortlist for a while, Andy Serkis has finally been announced as the director for Marvel's Venom sequel. Serkis, whose last attempts at-bat was Netflix's 'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle' (2018) and Breathe (2017) starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy has replaced director Ruben Fleischer.

The timing is most gracious for the veteran motion-capture performer and actor who is to be bestowed with the International Honor for Excellence, IBC's top-most honor, "for bringing extraordinary humanity to computer-generated characters."In his humbling way, he also acknowledged the role of his collaborators in his pursuits of creative storytelling.

In his latest Instagram post, he teased about his involvement in the project before it became official, "It's happening. I can feel it, the Symbiote has found a host in me, and I'm ready for the ride... Can't wait! Are you ready @tomhardy? " The award alone bolsters his claim to direct this film, as Serkis is practically untouchable in the realm of motion capture performances. The first film established the the entry of Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kasady and only time would tell what Andy Serkis will bring to the table with these characters and the film!
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