The Lighthouse Trailer: Robert Eggers Pushes Defoe and Patterson into a Sea of Madness
Wednesday, August 07, 2019 14:28 IST
By Shaurya Thakur , Santa Banta News Network
'How many days have we been on this rock, five weeks, two days; help me recollect ?' begs William Defoe of an inebriated Robert Pattinson in the first official trailer for 'The Lighthouse' Robert Eggers' directorial follow-up to 2015's gothic horror 'The Witch'. After doing its successful rounds at the film festival circuits, we have finally had our first look at the Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson headed maritime-based thriller.

We follow Thomas Wake (Willem Defoe), a ragged sailor constantly trying to get under the skin of Ephraim (Robert Pattinson, the newly anointed Batman) ; convinced he's harboring some diabolical secret. We see them getting sucked into the mysterious pull of their eerie surroundings, as they spiral into madness in no time.

This looks like a difficult film to grasp, and it is only fitting that the people involved faced things worse than turbulent weather. Robert Pattinson is said to have to come close to punching Eggers in the face as one of the scenes involves Pattinson getting hosed in the face; Eggers being pretty adamant on getting it right.

Backed by indie powerhouse A24, The Lighthouse comes out on October 18 this year.
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