Adam Sandler's new quarantine song is a fun tribute to doctors and nurses
Saturday, April 04, 2020 19:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Adam Sandler is trying to put a smile on people's faces during these uncertain times.

Sandler, known for his classic songs about Hanukkah and the late Chris Farley, was at it again when he appeared on Thursday's at-home edition of `The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon` and debuted a new quarantine-inspired song that may put a smile on your face.

`Before you leave, would you possibly mind doing a song for us?` Fallon asked. Sandler was happy to oblige, electing to play a number written by someone who tours with him.

`Hey, Jimmy. I love ya. Keep doing the good stuff you're doing for us,` the "Uncut Gems" star said before he strapped on a guitar and put on a pair of sunglasses, so we couldn't see him looking at the lyrics, which he hadn't memorized.

`Doctors brought us into this world as babies. Doctors take good care of your grandma. Doctors always give you an old lollipop after hitting your knee with a hammer,` he began. `Nurses slap your arm until they find a good vein, they wear Crocs and they tell you the truth.

"Nurses give you ice packs and pain medication while your doctor is smoking on the roof. Doctors and nurses will save us from this mess if we get them the supplies that they need. And I hope they save us soon 'cause I'm really, really sick of my family.`

`Stay home as much as you can, make sure to wash your hands. Let's make this damn thing go away. We love you doctors and nurses, you're saving lives everyday. Find a cure for the -----, 'cause I really miss hugging my mailman,` he concluded.
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