Ant-Man 3’ Finds Screenwriter in ‘Rick and Morty’ Scribe
Saturday, April 04, 2020 19:25 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Jeff Loveness will write the screenplay for the next "Ant-Man" film, with Peyton Reed returning to direct.

As announced Friday, the screenplay for `Ant-Man 3,` the latest sequel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, will be written by `Rick and Morty` writer Jeff Loveness. Peyton Reed, as previously announced, is returning to direct. The duo had signed onto the project, which will also see Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly reprise their roles as Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Hope van Dyne/The Wasp from the first two `Ant-Man` films.

Loveness' attachment to the project is the latest news to come out of `Ant-Man 3` (working title) since the film was confirmed to be in the works in October 2019. There's no word yet on when the film will enter production, nor is there any information about its release date.

Regardless, diehard Marvel Cinematic Universe fans pining for the next `Ant-Man` installment will likely have to be patient. Marvel has already announced its now-shifted Phase Four slate, which will kick off with `Black Widow` on November 6, followed by `The Eternals` on February 12, 2021. `Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Seven Rings` will debut on May 7, 2021, while `Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness` will release on November 5, 2021. `Thor: Love and Thunder` will hit theaters on February 18, 2022. All of the aforementioned films' release dates were updated earlier today as part of Disney's response to the current global health crisis.
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