The Bland Ephemera of 'Love Life'
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Although WarnerMedia's new streaming service HBO Max hasn't even launched yet, its first scripted series, Love Life, already feels as if it doesn't belong there. The rom-com anthology series is... fine. It tells a familiar story-a young, straight, white woman searches for love in New York City-in an unexacting and predictable way.

It's bland but watchable; uninspired but also inoffensive. Love Life isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, which can work when people are seeking comforting and pleasant narratives, but it's an odd choice when it's tasked with helping a major streaming rollout.

Love Life, created by Sam Boyd, is billed as an anthology series with each season focusing on a different protagonist and each episode focusing on a different relationship in their life. Season one follows Darby (Anna Kendrick), who works in the art world, as she dates a few men while trying to find The One.

Darby's main characteristic is that she wants to find love-for her, getting married is proof that she's loved. The series follows her throughout the years, beginning with her first big post-college relationship that finds her fretting over a man who hasn't texted her in three days. The first episode is a whirlwind through that relationship-meeting, settling into each other, the inevitable break up-and the next episode jumps to Darby's next boyfriend.

Love Life premieres on HBO Max on May 27, when the service launches.
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