Bryan Singer Reportedly Filmed X-Men Stunt While on a Narcotic
Saturday, August 01, 2020 13:45 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Director Bryan Singer has been hit with several sexual-assault accusations throughout his career, all of which he has denied, including recent accusations that stretch back to the 1990s.

With interviews from many involved in the movies, including longtime X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner, revealing that Singer did drugs on set, cast young men in bit parts with the implication that he may have offered them work in exchange for sex, and used his success to protect himself. Singer's erratic behavior on set has been reported on in the past (he left X-Men: Apocalypse due to `thyroid issues`), though this presents his actions and enablers in greater, even more absurd detail.

The report's also full of intimations that Singer's alleged misconduct was entangled in his working practices. `Bryan would bring people to story meetings who weren't involved in the movies,` one source said. `Young guys. A different person every time.` No involved one remembers how Alex Burton, the 18-year-old with no previous credits who played Pyro in the first move and replaced in the second, was cast.

After the movie premiere, Burton filed a civil suit that did not name Singer but was against three of his associates at the Digital Entertainment Network (a TV for the internet company that has been the locus of several Singer accusations), and was awarded $6 million, though the money is yet to be paid.
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