Trinkets Season 2 Trailer Tries to Leave the Past Behind
Friday, August 14, 2020 13:40 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Netflix has released the official trailer for the upcoming second and final season of their teen drama series Trinkets, featuring the trio led by Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) as they try their best to move on from their troubled pasts by making sure that it wouldn't rob them of their future. The series is scheduled to make its return on Tuesday, August 25.

Based on the YA novel from Kirsten `Kiwi` Smith, Trinkets follows the story of three teenage girls from different corners of the high school cafeteria: Elodie, the grieving misfit; Moe, the mysterious outsider; and Tabitha the imperfect picture of perfection. They will find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifters Anonymous meeting and will form an unlikely bond with each other. They will find strength in one another as they go through family issues, high school drama and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.

Check out the trailer below:

Each episode will be a half-hour long with Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer and Smith co-adapting Trinkets screenplay. Linda Gase acts as the series' showrunner and also serves as executive producer along with Andelson, Meyer, and Smith. Shelley Zimmerman, Brin Luken, and Rebecca Glashow are also executive producers. Sara St. Onge directed the first two episodes.

Season one is already available for streaming on Netflix.
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