Santa and Jeeto got married. Santa thought this would be a modern marriage, which meant equal roles for equal partners.

    So, the first morning back from their honeymoon, Santa brought Jeeto breakfast in bed.

    Jeeto wasn't impressed with his culinary skills, however.

    She looked disdainfully at the tray, and snorted, "A poached egg? I wanted scrambled!"

    Undaunted, the next morning, Santa brought his true love a scrambled egg.

    Jeeto wasn't having any of it. "Don't you think I like variety? I wanted poached this morning!"

    Determined to please his wife, the next morning he brought his true love two eggs - one scrambled and one poached.

    "Here, my love... enjoy!"

    Jeeto was furious, "You idiot, you scrambled the wrong egg!"
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