Asaram Bapu's bhaiyya theory!

Godman Asaram Bapu blames Delhi gang rape victim partially for not calling the rapists bhaiyya and begging for mercy!

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Disclaimer: The visuals/cartoons are the humourous interpretation of the cartoonist. Any resemblance to person(s) or incident(s) is done with humourous intent, and not to defame, hurt or tarnish the image of any person(s).
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सफलता यह है कि आप ज़मीन पर टकराने के बाद दोबारा और कितना ऊँचा उछलते हैं।


Take water before bedtime.
About 90% of Heart Attacks occur early in the morning & it can be reduced if one takes a glass or two of water before going to bed at night.


Actor - A man who tries to be everything but himself.