Santa and Banta were coming up in an inlet in the motor boat when they saw another boat loaded with fish.
    Seeing as how their luck had been awful today, Santa asked the fisherman what his secret was.
    The fisherman replied, "Just go out to sea till the water is fresh. Then stop there and drop your line.
    You will get a huge haul of fish there !"
    Excited, Santa fired up the motor and headed out to sea. When they got a little way out, he told Banta to fill up a bucket and taste the water.
    Banta complied and said, "It is salty - not fresh!"
    So Santa went further out and told Banta to taste the water again after some time.
    Banta replied, "It is still salty!" And so they went out further. This went on for hours and every time Banta replied that the water was salty. Finally, it was starting to get dark and they were in the middle of nowhere, when Santa asked Banta to taste the water one last time.
    Banta replied, "But Santa, there is no more water left in the bucket.
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  • The Genius MS Santa!

    Microsoft places an ad in leading news papers for a position who would be in charge of their next operating system. This becomes scary news as the ad says interview would be conducted by Gates. Microsoft receives only three applications, from an American, Japanese and from our Santa. They are all invited to...