A minister visited an asylum for the mentally disturbed and was taken on a tour of the facilities by one of the resident doctors. Walking down the dismal, echoing corridors, the minister was troubled by the cries and groans of the patients coming from their rooms.

    "I hope that I can be of some help and comfort to these poor souls," he told his guide.

    The doctor stopped at a door and they looked through the small window.

    "This is a sad case," said the man.

    The patient rocked back and forth on her cot, sobbing and sighing, "William," she repeated over and over. "Oh, William!"

    "She was to marry a man named William," said the doctor. "And on their wedding day he ran off with another woman. It broke her heart and she went mad."

    They moved on to another door and looked in. Inside the patient was bound in a straight-jacket, shrieking insanely, "William! William!"

    "Let me guess," said the minister. "She lost William also."

    "No," answered the man. "She's the one that got him!"
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