Santa decided to study for the MBA exam. He could understand every thing except for the LOGIC part. One day when he was reading, one of his friends came home.

    Friend: Santa, how is your MBA preparation?

    Santa: Every thing is fine, but I could not understand Logic.

    Friend: Logic is very easy.

    Santa: Can you give me an example, so that I can understand?

    Friend: OK. Do you have fish pot in your house?

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: Logically, there will be water in it.

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: Logically, there will be fish in it.

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: Logically, someone will be feeding the fish.

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: I take a guess that your wife will be feeding the fish.

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: so, logically, your are married.

    Santa: YES.

    Friend: So, that means you are a heterosexual.

    Santa was very glad and he understood logic. Next day he sees Banta who was also preparing for MBA.

    Santa: How is your MBA preparation?

    Banta: Everything is fine except for the logic.

    Santa: Oh, logic is easy.

    Banta: Please, give me an example.

    Santa: Do you have a fish pot in your house?

    Banta: NO, I don't.

    Santa: Oh my God! That means you're gay!
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