1. The man who removes his shoes to enter a taxi.

    2. The man who goes to the bank with a spanner to open an account.

    3. The man who watches n who goes to bed with a ruler just to know how long he has slept.

    4. The man who watches news on TV... and waves at the news reader.

    5. A nurse who wakes up a sleeping patient simply becos she forgot to give him sleeping pills.

    6. The man who turns down the volume of his TV becos he wants to read a text message.

    7. The man who sprays himself with insecticide to keep mosquitoes away.

    8. A man who polishes his shoes to take passport sized photo.

    9. A man who climbs a mango tree to check if the mangoes are ripe enough... then comes down & starts stoning to pluck the mangoes.

    10. A man who chooses to drink Fanta because he thinks Sprite is unripe.

    11. A man who puts his radio inside the refrigerator because he wants to listen to cool music.
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