Officer: What is your Name ?
    Candidate: MP Sir.
    Officer: Tell me properly.
    Candidate: Mohan Pal Sir.
    Officer: Your father's name ?
    Candidate: MP sir
    Officer: What does that mean ?
    Candidate: Manmohan Pal sir.
    Officer: Your native place.
    Candidate: MP Sir.
    Officer: Is it Madhya Pradesh ?
    Candidate: No, Munnur Pal sir.
    Officer: What is your qualification?
    Candidate: MP Sir.
    Officer: (Angrily) What is it ?
    Candidate: Matric Pass.
    Officer: Why do you need a job ?
    Candidate: MP sir.
    Officer: And what does that mean ?
    Candidate: Money Problem sir.
    Officer: Describe your personality.
    Candidate: MP Sir.
    Officer: Explain yourself clearly.
    Candidate: Mind-blowing Personality Sir.
    Officer: This discussion is nowhere, you may go now.
    Candidate: MP Sir.
    Officer: What is it now?
    Candidate: My performance....?
    Officer: MP !!!
    Candidate: What is that sir..?
    Officer: Mentally Punctured.
    Candidate: MP Sir...(my pleasure)
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