Aaj kal ki ladkiyan choti choti baat pe chat account block kar deti hain... Few examples:

Boy: What's your Name??
Girl: Palak and you?
Boy: Paneer.

Girl : Hello I am Khusbu.
Boy: Khusbu ka dusra naam bharosa agarbati.... kone kone me khusbu faila de.

Boy: Hi, what's your name??
Girl: Neha Singhal.
Boy: Oh.. I am also Single.

Girl: What's UP?
Boy: Uttar Pradesh...

Girl: Tu soya hai...???
Boy: Nahi...! Schezwan hun..!
**Blocked Instantly**

Girl: I'm free tommorow!
Boy: Pehle kya paid thi??

Boy: Aj mausam achha hai, Mall chalte hain.
Girl: Waha kya karenge??
Boy: Hawan karenge, hawan karenge.

Girl: See ya!
Boy: Ram Chandra ki jai!

Girl: Have a Good Day....
Boy: No thank you... I like Parle-G more...

Girl: I need some Space.
Boy: Ok then go to Sonakshi Sinha's forehead.

Girl puts up her status: Waiting for CHENNAI EXPRESS...
Boy: COOLIE hai kya??

Boy: Thank you.
Girl: It's my Pleasure.
Boy: My Bajaj Pulsar.
**Blocked Forever**

More Universal Jokes

Timmy and Tina were sitting down to eat their supper with the baby sitter when 6 year old Timmy saw the baby sitter sit down in his father`s seat....

Photographer studio mein 6 saal ke bachche se bolta hai: Meri taraf dekho beta is camera se kabutar niklega.
Bachcha: Focus adjust kar, Jhallon wali baatein mat karo....

After lunching at the Algonquin Hotel, Robert Benchley walked through the lobby, out the front door, and said to the uniformed man on the sidewalk, "My good man...

A programmer had been missing from work for over a week when finally someone noticed and called the cops. They went round to his flat and broke the door...


When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.


A young rabbit is called a 'kitten'.


The old songs are best because nobody sings them any more.