Boy: Hello Babe.... (11:45pm)
    Girl: (last seen at 11:46pm)

    Boy: Hey please answer me :) ( 11:50pm)
    Girl: (last seen at 11:52pm)

    Boy: But why do you treat me like that? Why don't you answer me? (12:00am)
    Girl: (last seen at 12:00am)

    Boy: Ok good night dear, I just wanted to tell you that today I have received my salary worth Rs.50,000 and I have reserved 20k for your shopping... but I think...

    Girl (typing): Ohh! Hi dear... Actually mum was there that's why I couldn't reply... N wow darling that's a great news... I love you a lot... N when shall we go ?(12:05am)
    Boy: (last seen 12:06am)

    Girl: Baby please answer me na... dear I was off last time, let me know na when shall we go?(12:08am)
    Boy: (last seen 12:09am)

    Girl: I think your luking very tired because off work load... So now you go to bed and sleep well honey, take care. (12:10am)
    Boy: (last seen 12:12am)

    Girl: Sorry to disturb you but I think I forgot to tell you that tomorrow mom and dad are not at home in the evening, so you can come to my place after the shopping. Love you janu. Good Night. (12:20am)

    Boy (typing): Ohh I was preparing for sleep, surely we will meet... c ya tomorrow... mmuuahhh..........!!!
  • The Proper Procedure Customer (ek ladki): Agar mein aaj cheque jama karun toh wo kab clear hoga?
    Clerk: Kam se kam 3 din lagenge madam.
    Ladki: Dono bank amne-samne toh hain...
  • Forget About It! An elderly husband and wife visit their doctor when they begin forgetting little things. Their doctor tells them that many people find it useful to write themselves little...
  • Guess What... Ek Larki interview dene gayi.
    Boss: Batao wo kaunsi cheez hai jis ke 2 tyres hotey hain ??
    Larki: Bike...
  • Snakes and 'Fun'! Chhote: Abe dukhi kyun hain?
    Bade: Kuchh nahi yaar, pak raha hoon, bore ho gaya.
    Chhote: Hmmmm, tujhe pata hai ek jaanwar hamesha maje mein rehta hai...
  • That's Good! Two friends met after a long time...
    Hey, I got married!
    Oh! Thats good...