Kangana hit the ball,
    Kangana took a single,
    Kangana did not reach the crease,
    Kangana Ranaut.

    Sameera went to a parlor,
    Sameera did her hair,
    Sameera did her makeup,
    Sameera Reddy.

    Ratan comes,
    Ratan Hi,
    Ratan goes,
    Ratan Tata.

    Hrithik buys bulb,
    Hrithik puts bulb in socket,
    Hrithik switches bulb on,
    Hrithik Roshan

    Lance arms are weak,
    Lance joins gym,
    Lance does chin-ups,
    Lance Armstrong.

    Pankaj got a lottery ticket,
    Pankaj did not win,
    Pankaj Udaas.
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