A Girl's Facebook status: Travelled in Bus after long time.

    Comments Left by Male friends:
    1) Awww, so sweet...!!!

    2) May be nextime will go together sweetie...!!!

    3) Wow, I want to experience it...!!!

    4) You went without me...? x-(

    5) Wonderful dear...!!!

    6) Superlike!!!

    A Boy's Facebook status: Travelled in Bus after a long time...

    Comments Left by same Male friends:
    1) Haan toh saale hum kya kare...?

    2) Bas yehi teri aukat hai...!!!

    3) Kamine ab auto mai bhi jaiga toh status update karega kya...???

    4) Baap ko bol kam se kam cycle lekar de...!!!

    5) Usi bus ka conductor ban ja kutte.

    6) Ticket kharida ki nahi Bhikhari ?
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