The Indian media as well as social media is buzzing with complaints about John Abraham and Gaurav Kapoor's presence in the Sony Six studio for the FIFA World Cup pre-game show, Cafe Rio. Here are some of the funniest reactions on social media:

    The world sends actual players to the World Cup. India, home to 1 billion people, sends Gaurav Kapoor and John Abraham as commentators.

    Gaurav Kapoor hosting FIFA World and JohnAbraham as football pundit!!What next?? Sidhu as Cheerleader doing samba???

    Does India deserve to be 154th in FIFA rankings? If John Abraham is the best you can get for the WorldCup pre-match show, then YES!

    India's football expert - John Abraham India's football rank - 154 Jago India Jago.

    Please show Gaurav Kapoor a red card.

    What wrong have we done to deserve watching Gaurav Kapoor & John Abraham talk football at 2AM?

    Gaurav Kapoor wasting time & energy on the show while Samir Kocchar has already reached the stadium & selling Chana, Moongfali & Paani Pouch.

    Not looking good for Gaurav kapoor, any time siddhu will appear out of nowhere and shout "khatak" in his ears.

    Just emailed a clip from last night's SonySix` Cafe Rio to FIFA. Hopefully they will ban the show!

    When you don't understand the difference between IPL and World Cup football Cafe Rio happens!

    IPL and WC are temporary, Gaurav Kapoor is permanent.

    Gaurav Kapoor I don't think we have a casting couch in India, otherwise why something like Gaurav was sent.

    Gaurav Kapoor never trended during the entire IPL7 season, but he trended on the very 1st day of World Cup.

    That awkward moment when you prefer DD sports to the Sony Six for live telecast of the match because John and Gaurav.

    I agree Indians are not much passionate about FIFA as much as other countries. But that doesn't mean that Gaurav Kapoor will host anything - Omar Abdullah

    Gaurav Kapur & John Abraham on Cafe Rio is like Robert Vadra & Rahul Gandhi discussing economics! still shocked.

    Damn!!! Gaurav missing Sidhus laughter track on his dumb jokes.

    After seeing John Abraham and Gaurav Kapoor football has been renamed as "footLOL"

    Gaurav Kapoor makes as much sense while talking about football as Shakti Kapoor makes while talking about feminism.

    Cafe Rio is the worst thing to happen to the Football since John Abraham's film Goal.

    John abrahim World Cup panel cause he did Movie Goal. Waiting for SRK to be on panel of Next NASA launch cause he did Swades.
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