Ek din husband apne ghar ki light theek kar raha tha.

    Usne apni wife ko awaaz lagai: Sonu ki mummy.... sunti ho... idhar toh aana ek minute ki lye.

    Wife: Kya hai?

    Husband: Arrey idhar toh aao yaar, kaam hai.

    Wife: Lo aa gayi, batao kya kaam hai?

    Husband: Yeh 2 wires hain, inmein se kisi ek ko pakadna.

    Wife: Kisliye?

    Husband: Arrey pakdo na, just ek second ke liye.

    Wife: Yeh lo, pakad liya... ab?

    Husband: Kuch hua toh nahin?

    Wife: Nahin toh... kyun?

    Husband: Iska matlab current doosri waali taar mein hai.... Thanks yaar!!!!
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