A man went to meet his father in law to be and was chewing gum. The father in law shouted at him in a harsh voice.

    Father-in-law: Young man, you're coming to seek my daughter's hand in marriage and you're chewing gum. That's a sign of disrespect!

    Man: Sir, I only chew gum when I drink or smoke.

    Father-in-law: You mean you drink and smoke, and you're here to seek my daughter's hand in marriage?

    Man: Sir, I only drink and smoke when I go to the club.

    Father-in-law: You club too?

    Man: I'm sorry sir, I started clubbing when I came out of prison.

    Father-in-law: You've also been to prison before? Oh my God!

    Man: Sorry sir, I went to jail when I killed someone.

    Father-in-law: What!!! You're a killer?

    Man: Sir, I was angry because a certain man didn't allow me to marry his daughter, so I killed him!

    Father-in-law: Oh! Okay.... You know what? You're highly welcome my son. You are on the right track. You're absolutely the right Man for my daughter. Welcome to the family
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