Pati Patni Ki Ladayi Ho Rahi Thi.

    Pati Ne Patni Se Puchha: Kya Tumne Mujhe Kutta Kaha???

    Biwi Ne Koi Jawab Nahi Diya.

    Pati Ne Fir Se Puchha: Kya Tumne Mujhe Kutta Kaha???

    Biwi Fir Chupp Rahi.

    Pati Ne Ek Baar Aur Puchha: Main Tumse Kuch Puch Raha Hun. Kya Tumne Mujhe Kutta Kaha???

    Biwi: Nahi Kaha Aur Please Ab Bhaunkna Band Karo.
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