Once A man asked God: Why all the girls are so cute & sweet, and all wifes are always angry?
    God Answered: Girls are made by me... and you make them Wife...!!! Your Problem.. !!!

    Hubby came home drunk. To avoid wife's scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
    Wife: Peeke aye ho kya?
    Hubby: Nahi meri maa...
    Wife: Phir suitcase khol ke kya type kar rahe ho???

    There are two types of suicide (Fast & Slow):
    Fast: Gale me rassi dalo and latak jao.
    Slow: Gale me warmala dalo aur zindagi bhar latke raho.

    Wife: Agar meri shaadi kisi 'Raakshas' se bhi ho jaati to mai itni Pareshaan nahi hoti jitni tumare saath hun.
    Awesome reply: Husband: Arrey pagli, Blood Relation me shaadiyan kahan hoti hai... !!!
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    Dharam Maa... not real mother.
    Dharam Putra... not real son....
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    Officer: You were speeding.
    Man: No, I wasn`t...