Ek Student Ko Apni Life Me Khud Par Sabse Zyada Proud Kab Hota Hai ?
    Jab Usko Exam Mein Kuch Na Aata Ho, Aur Pichhe Se Teacher Aake Kahe: Copy Chhupa Lo, Pichhe Wala Dekh Raha Hai...
    Kasam Se, Seena Kushi Se Chauda Ho Jaata Hai...

    A School Inspection Inspector: Ek bade Ccientist Ka Naam Batao?
    Student: Alia Bhatt..!!
    Inspector: Aap Ye Sikhate Ho School Mein?
    Teacher: Ye Totla Hai Sir... Ye Bol Raha Hai... ARYABHATT

    Pappu Kayi Dino Se School Nahi Ja Raha Tha.
    Toh Kaafi Dino Ke Baad School Jane Per Teacher Pappu Se Puchti Hai: Itne Din Se Kahaan The?
    Pappu: Bird Flu Ho Gaya Tha.
    Teacher: Par Yeh Toh Birds Mein Hota Hai.
    Pappu (Gusse Me): Insaan Hi Kaha Rehne Diya Apne, Roj To Murga Bana Dete Ho...

    Top Replies by Teachers if they don't know the answers:
    1) I think the question is wrong.
    2) I'll tell you tomorrow.
    3) Don't ask foolish questions!
    4) You'll study this in the next semester.
    & the most famous one,
    5) Nice question, raise your hands who know the answer of this question ?
    If no one raises... Then it is an assignment for you.

    Teacher: Pappu, What's 5 - 5?
    Pappu remains quiet.
    Teacher tries again: Agar Tere Paas 5 Bhaturey Hain, Aur Maan Lo Ki Vo 5 Bhature Tum Se Le Loon Toh Tumhaare Paas Kya Bachega?
    Pappu: Chholle.....!!!!
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