Ek Baar Banta Mandir Gaya Aur Haath Jodkar Bahgwaan Se Prarthana Karta Hai: Hey Prabhu ! Aaj Maine Lottery Daali Hai, Meri Aapse Dua Hai Ki Please Meri Lottery Aaj Nikalni Chahiye.

    Ye Kahkar Banta Apne Kaam Par Chala Jaata Hai. Raaste Mein Uski Jeb Kat Jaati Hai. Woh Gusse Mein Vaapis Mandir Aata Hai Aur Bhagwaan Ke Saamne Khade Hokar Kahta Hai:

    Hey Bhagwaan, Koi Bhi Action Lene Se Pehle Puri Baat Toh Sun Liya Karo.
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