Some new trains have been announced in the name of celebrities....

    Modi Express: Will not stop anywhere till it reaches the destination.

    Bappi Lahiri Express: Pull chain, another chain will be seen behind it.

    Ekta Kapoor Express: Will come three times on the same platform in slow motion.

    Amir Khan Express: Will run once in a year and pick the passengers as per its choice.

    Salman Khan Express: Can run on footpath.

    Manmohan Express: One and only silent train.

    Dhoni Express: 95% journey @ 10km/hr and remaining 5% @ 400km/hr.

    Mamata Express: Train will run in the opposite direction of destination. Rahul Gandhi Express: Will get derailed repeatedly.

    Congress Express: An experienced driver in each coach, driver Of engine on leave.

    Amit Shah Express: Covers the whole country except Delhi.

    Kejriwal Express: Sure to start but no guarantee it will reach destination... could stop midway if driver decides to abandon train.

    And finally, Indian Railways Ka Shaan.

    Rajnikant Express: Train will remain static at one place and stations will come and go...
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