A rude New Yorker and his girlfriend were driving across the desert when they had a flat tire on the car. Getting out, the boyfriend was about to start changing it when he spotted a cowboy sitting on his horse, rolling a smoke.

    He told his girlfriend that he would make the cowboy change the tire and for her just to wait there.

    "Hey, parrrrtner," he mocked, "Hows about you get down off of that horse and come over here and change this tire."

    The cowboy continued to roll the smoke and ignored him. "Hey, dickhead, I told you to get over here and change this tire or I'm going to kick your ass."

    The cowboy looked at him and then said, "I'll tell you what, fella. I'm going to finish my smoke. Then I'm going to get down off my horse, kick your ass and make you change that tire. Then while I screw your girlfriend I'm gonna make you hold my balls up out of the hot sand."

    Later, as they were driving on across the desert, the girlfriend says, "That cowboy was pretty tough, wasn't he, baby?"

    "Naw, he wasn't so tough," said the guy.

    "Did you see him flinch every time I dropped his balls in the hot sand?"
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