Agar Mobile INDIA Mein Bante Toh Usmein Message Templates Kuch Aise Hote...

    1. Kamine Call Kar.

    2. Cigarette Lete Hue Aana.

    3. Teri Bhabhi Ke Saat Hun.

    4. Yaar Kisi Ladki Ka Number Toh De.

    5. Kahan Hai Saale??

    6. Kal College Ya Bunk...??

    7. Dimaag Mat Chaat Yaar.

    8. Yaar Teri Bhabhi Naraz Ho Gayi, 2-3 Senti Msg Toh Bhej.

    9. Abhi Call Mat Karo Jaanu, Papa Jaag Rahe Hain.

    10. Baad Mein Baat Karti Hun, Mummy Saamne Hain.

    11. Ghumne Chal Rahi Ho Na??

    12. Jaldi Aa Sale, Meine Daru P K Gira Pada Hun.

    13. Mere Bare Mein Puchegi Toh Bol Dena Daru P K Soya Hai Yahan Tere Gum Mein.

    And the most Important......
    12. Balance Nahin Hai... Call Kar Kutte...
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