Electricity Department Ke Office Ke Saamne Ek Kele Wala Thela Lagaakar Kela Bech Rahaa Tha.

    Jab Office Kee Chhutti Hui Toh Electricity Department Ke Ek Engineer Ne Kele Wale Se Poochha: Kele Kya Bhav Hain ?

    Kele Walah: Kis Liye Chahiye ?

    Engineer: Matlab ?

    Kelewala: Mandir Mein Chadhaao Toh 30 Rs. Kg.
    Old Age Home Ke Liye 35 Rs. Kg.
    School Children Ke Liye 40 Rs. Kg.
    Ghar Ke Liye 45 Rs. Kg.
    Aur Hotel Ke Liye 50 Rs. Kg.

    Engineer: Yeh Kya Baat Hui ? Kele Ek Hee Tarah Ke Aur Bhav Alag-Alag ? Aisa Kyon Bhai?

    Kela Walah: Ye To Apna Apna Tariff Hai Sir ! Aap Bhi Toh Ek Hee Pole Se Bijli Dete Ho, Ghar Ke Liye Alag Rate, Dukan Ke Alag Rate, Factory Ke Alag Rate.... Hai Ki Nahi ?
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