Main Ye Sochkar TV Ke Aagey Baith Gaya Ki Aaj Ki NEWS Dekhi Jaaye. Bagal Mein Baithi Biwi Apne Daily Ke Serial Mein Kuch Is Kadar Dubi Hui Thi Ki Usko Ye Bhi Ahsaas Nahin Hua Ke Kab Main Aa Ke Uske Saath Baith Gaya.

    Tabhi Mujhe Khyaal aaya Ki Agar Is Samaye Shrimatiji Se Remote Maanga Toh Bhukamp Aa Jayega... Is Se Toh Achcha Ye Hai Ki Thodi Der Baad News Dekh Li Jaaye Ya Phir Subah Newspaper Pad Lunga. Bas Yehi Sochkar Sofe Se Uhtne Laga.

    Tabhi Hamar Chota Beta Kamre Mein Aaya Aur Yahan Wahan Kuch Dhoondne Laga. Shrimatiji Abhi BahiApne Serial Mein Gum Thi... Koi Hosh Nahin Ki Beta Bhi Kamere Mein Aa Chuka Hai.

    Maine Pucha: Kya Dhoond Rahe Ho? Kuch Kho Gaya Hai Kya?

    Beta Bola: Nahin Papa, Kuch Nahin Khoya, Main Toh Remote Dhoond Raha Haun, Match Dekhna Hai.... Kahan Hai Remote?

    Maine Shrimatiji Ki Taraf Ishaara Kiya Toh Beta Bola: Arey Papa, Aapka Nahin... TV Ka Remote Chahiye, TV Ka...!!!
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