Worst railway budget of all time. Totally disappointed.

    No train from India to Bangladesh - Didi disappointed.

    No special bogies in every train for Dharna - Kejriwal disappointed.

    No reservation on the grounds of caste in the bogies - Lalu/Nitish/Ravish disappointed.

    No arrangements for matinee show of Chhota Bheem and Doremon in Trains and stations - RaGa disappointed.

    No 'Kashmir Azadi' express train proposed - JNU disappointed.

    No 'Vibishan Express' proposed - Shratugan Sinha disappointed.

    No assurance of ‪#‎Tolerance‬ by the railway minister - Award Wapasi Gang/ Aamir Khan disappointed.

    No train to Pakistan - Manishankar Iyer/Salman Khurshid disappointed.

    No subsidized water in the trains and stations - Delhites who voted for AAP disappointed.

    No special quota for minorities - Anti Modi gang / Presstitues disappointed.
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