Dosto Ye Kuch Line Hai Jo Dukandar Aurto Ko Bolkar Jaanbhuj Ke Maje Lete Hain

    Bank Cashier: Madam Aap So So Ke Lengi?

    Fruit Seller: Bibiji Zara Kele Ka Size Toh Dekho, Dil Khush Ho Jayega.

    Cloth Seller: Ek Minute Dekh Toh Lo, Fir Lena Na Lena Aapki Marzi.

    Tailor: Madam Blouse Mein Hum Ne Aap Ka Rakha, Ab Peticoat Mein Aap Ko Hamara Rakhna Padega.

    Dhobi: Bibiji Aap Salwar Aur Kameez Nikal Do, Baaki Kaam Mera.

    Petrol Wala: Kitna Daalu Madam??

    Auto Wala: Madam Aage Se To Nahi Jayega, Piche Se Le Lu ?

    Photostate Wala: Madam Aage Aur Peechhe Dono Taraf Karu Ya Ek Hi Side??

    Paper Wala: Madam Aap So Rahi Thi, Aapko Pata Nahi Chala, Kal To Mein Niche Se Dal Gaya Tha.

    Chudi Wala: Andar Nahin Ghus Raha.

    Mobile Recharge Wala: Kitna Dalu Madam?

    Repair Wala: Madam Aise Nahi Hoga, Pura Khol Ke Tassalli Se Karna Padega.

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