This German tourist was on a bus tour of Castilla during the summer that had a stop at this old convent. The tour wasn't that interesting and he managed to stay behind and start wandering. Feeling the urge, he stopped to pee on the outside wall of the chapel.

    While he was doing his business, the Mother Superior surprised him. "OH! I am soo sorry!"

    "No," she replied. "Actually, I've never seen a man's..... You know. Could I take a look?"

    A nun asking to see his works freaked out the tourist but it was kinda kinky in a way, so he figured, what the hell.

    The nun looked at it for a bit and as he was about to put it away she said, "You know, I always wanted to touch it. Would you mind...?"

    "This is really weird, but sure."

    The tourist was getting really excited. Who could say that a nun had tossed you off?

    "Could you take it all out so that I can get a complete experience?" the nun requested.

    The tourist, sure that he was about to get laid, willingly took down his pants. The nun began fondling his testicles and suddenly straightened, and said, "Don't SQUEEZE)... Piss (SQUEEZE) on the (SQUEEZE) Church (SQUEEZE) Walls!!!!!!!!!!!"
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