Obama: Hey Modi... How are you?

    Modi: I'm good Barack. How are you doing?

    Obama: I'm absolutely fine. Where is Kejriwal, BTW?

    Modi: Not sure, but probably in Punjab or Delhi.

    Obama: He is doing amazing work, I'm so inpressed!

    Modi: !!!

    Obama: The way his Mohalla Clinic near Mahima Furniture, Kriti Nagar is working is fabulous! Also the way Rakesh Tomar, Vivek Goel & Tanya Arora got driving licences without bribe is amazing... it proves that corruption is really coming down...
    Modi: !!!!

    Obama: .... Due to Odd-Even the way pollution level came down at Munirika, Ward No 6 clearly shows his commitment towards Delhi. And don't you think that the way he sent water tanker in just 1 hour to Laxmi Nagar, near Metro station after water pipeline damage was beyond imagination in previous govt.?

    Modi: hmmmmmm... But Barack how do you know all this?

    Obama: Oh Man... It's simple... Yesterday I was reading his 4 page advertisement in New York Times!!!

    ....and few minutes later Canadian PM Justin Trudeau calls PM Modi.... And rest you know....
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