Pappu goes up to his mom and says, "Mommy, I have a drinking problem. I need help."

    Jeeto, of course, freaks out and yells, "How did this happen?!"

    She turns to her husband and says, "This is all your fault! You're the one that comes home drunk and gives such a bad example to all of our children."

    Santa yells back, "Oh, I'm the one that does it? I do nothing but give to this family! Your the one that was drinking beer while breast feeding when I told you not to!"

    Jeeto yells, "Get out! You are a horrible person and I never want to see you again!"

    He grabs his collection of stuff and yells, "Fine! I don't need you!" and he walks out of the door.

    Pappu is standing there crying, not knowing what to think of the situation other than he knows his dad is gone.

    Jeeto turns to him and says, "Don't cry Pappu, it will be fine... Now just tell me all about your drinking problem and we will get you some help."

    Pappu says, "Well... the problem is, if Simar drinks 675 ml of orange juice, Pinky drinks 545 ml, and Manu drinks 860 ml, how much orange juice did they drink?"
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    CIA: We can`t do that. We created them along with Turkey, Saudi...
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    Modi: I`m good Barack. How are you doing?
    Obama: I`m absolutely fine. Where is Kejriwal, BTW?
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