A dentist, doing his first extraction on a patient, was understandably nervous. When he got the molar out, his hand shook, he lost his grip on the instrument, and the tooth dropped down into the patient's throat.

    "Sorry," said the doctor. "You're outside my specialty now. You should see a laryngologist!."

    By the time the unfortunate victim got to the laryngologist, the tooth had worked its way much further down.

    The laryngologist examined the man.

    "Sorry," said the doctor, "You're outside my specialty now. You should see a Gastrologist!"

    The gastrologist X-rayed the patient.

    "Sorry," said the doctor,"the tooth has traveled into your lower intestines. You should see an enterologist!''

    The enterologist took some X rays.

    "Sorry, the toothisn't there. It must have gone down farther. You should see a proctologist!"

    Ourpatient is now on the proctologist's examining table, in the properelbow-knee position.

    TheĀ· doctor has inserted a proctoscope and is looking through it.

    "Good heavens, man! You've got a tooth up there! You should see a dentist!"

    Dedicated to Super Speciality Hospitals.
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