A disciple went to his guru asking for tips to attain enlightenment.

    The guru advised, "Take a mala and go up into the Himalayas and meditate."

    The disciple went away.

    Several months later, the guru paid him a visit and asked, "How do you like it up here in the snow?"

    "Just fine," replied the disciple.

    "And what about the weather? Don't you freeze?"

    "As long as I have my Mala and My Chillum, I don't care how cold it is."

    "I am glad to hear it. Can I also have a Chillum for myself right now," asked the guru, shivering with cold.

    "WHY NOT !!" said the disciple... "MALA !!PLEASE BRING US TWO CHILLUMS ???"
  • The Dinner Party A couple, hosting a dinner party, were interrupted when the maid called the hostess to the kitchen. "Ma`am, the cat climbed up on the kitchen counter and ate the lot of the fresh salmon."
    Light on her feet, the hostess...
  • Doctor's Advice Ek Aadmi Bahut Jyada Beemar Ho Gaya Tha, Aur Theek Hi Nahi Ho Paa Raha Tha. Uski Patni Usko Shahar Ke Ek Bahut Bade Doctor Ke Pass Le Gayi. Doctor Ne Achchi Tarah Se Checkup Kiya Aur Patni Ko Samjhate Hue Bola...
  • Root Cause Analysis A Management lecturer was talking about QUALITY and it goes like that:
    Lecturer: We all know Lord Ram went to spend 14 years in forest and Sita was kidnapped because of a QUALITY issue...
  • For The House The husband was not home at his usual hour, and the wife was fuming, as the clock ticked later and later. Finally, about 3:00 AM she heard a noise at the front door, and as she stood at the top of the stairs...
  • A World Without Men A few women were sitting around the table talking, and the subject turned to their husbands. One lady said, "My husband just won`t go to church with me, I think he`s going to go to Hell."
    This led to talk around the table...