Ek Baar Santa Ki Padosan Bhabhi Bahaut Beemar Ho Jaati Hai. Use Khoon Ki Zarurat Padti Hai Toh Santa Dauda-Dauda Hospital Pahunch Jaata Hai Aur Apna Khoon Daan Karke Aa Jata Hai.

    Theek Hone Ke Baad Padosan Santa Ka Shukriya Karne Ke Liye Uske Ghar Jaati Hai.

    Padosan: Aapne Mujhe Apna Khoon Dekar Meri Jaan Bachayi, Aapka Bahaut Bahaut Shukriya.

    Santa Sharmate Hue Bola: Bhabhi Ji... Ismein Shukriya Ki Koi Baat Nahi, Bhale Hi Aap Pe Main Na Chadh Saka, Kam Se Kam Mera Khoon Toh Aap Pe Chadh Gaya.
  • Dogs vs Wives 1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you.
    2. Dogs don`t notice if you call them by another dog`s name.
    3. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.
    4. A dog`s parents never visit..
  • The Dinner Party A couple, hosting a dinner party, were interrupted when the maid called the hostess to the kitchen. "Ma`am, the cat climbed up on the kitchen counter and ate the lot of the fresh salmon."
    Light on her feet, the hostess...
  • Doctor's Advice Ek Aadmi Bahut Jyada Beemar Ho Gaya Tha, Aur Theek Hi Nahi Ho Paa Raha Tha. Uski Patni Usko Shahar Ke Ek Bahut Bade Doctor Ke Pass Le Gayi. Doctor Ne Achchi Tarah Se Checkup Kiya Aur Patni Ko Samjhate Hue Bola...
  • Root Cause Analysis A Management lecturer was talking about QUALITY and it goes like that:
    Lecturer: We all know Lord Ram went to spend 14 years in forest and Sita was kidnapped because of a QUALITY issue...
  • For The House The husband was not home at his usual hour, and the wife was fuming, as the clock ticked later and later. Finally, about 3:00 AM she heard a noise at the front door, and as she stood at the top of the stairs...