A civil engineer, a doctor and an advocate went to Bangkok for a fun trip. To save the money they hired only one Thai babe. When asked for her rate, she said she would charge each of them as per their dick length. Dick length multiplied by 1000 baths.

    At first doctor went with her. When he came back the other two asked him how much he paid?

    "7000 baths," Doc said.

    Then it was lawyer's turn. When he returned Doctor and lawyer asked him how much he paid?

    "8000 Baths...." lawyer said with his head high.

    Then went the civil engineer.

    "How much you paid ?" Doc and lawyer asked anxiously.


    "Oh.... You have such a small thing.... Feel Sorry for you..," Doc and lawyer said with keeping their joy in minds.

    Civil engineer smiled and said, "We take the measurements after the work is completed... !!!"
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