Banta went to Paris and needed to get a pair of pants tailored urgently.

    The only one available was a ladies tailor. So having no choice, an order was placed. The next day Banta goes over and gets the pants - and tries them on.

    The conversation between him and the tailor is somewhat like this:

    Tailor: Eez a good?
    Banta: Yes !

    Tailor: Nice colour too...!
    Banta: Aye....

    Tailor: Any probleem?
    Banta: Well you know the Eiffel Tower ?
    Tailor: Oui Mons - who in Paris does not !
    Banta: You know the restaurant on top ?
    Tailor: But of course - who does not !
    Banta: And the ballroom below that ?
    Tailor: Mons - there is no ballroom below that!!
    Banta: Ah... that is the problem with these pants!!!
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