One day an aeroplane cleaner was cleaning the pilots' cockpit when he saw a book entitled: How to Fly an Aeroplane? For Beginners - Volume One

    He opened the first page which said: To start the engine, press the red button. He did so and the airplane engine started.

    He was happy and opened the next page: To set airplane moving press the blue button.

    He did so and the aeroplane started moving at an amazing speed.

    He wanted to fly so he opened the third page which read - To let the aeroplane fly, please press the green button.

    He did this and the plane started to fly.

    He was excited!!!

    After 20 minutes of flying, he was satisfied and wanted to land so he decided to go to the fourth page.

    He fainted after reading the instruction....

    The fourth page read: To learn how to land, please purchase Volume Two at the nearest bookshop!!!
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