What sex and parking spaces have in common:

    1. You should never have to wait to find one.

    2. You should be able to slide right into one.

    3. Spaces in the front are always the best.

    4. When no front spaces are available, spaces in the rear will always suffice.

    5. It sucks when someone else is double-parked.

    6. Your space should still be open and waiting when you get back.

    7. A full-size car is good to find.

    8. It's a tragedy when you have a 'full-size' car but there are only 'compact' spaces.

    9. People are willing to wait in line for good spaces.

    10. Spaces with short time limits are annoying and never satisfying.

    11. We're all looking for free space with 'limited' time limit.

    12. A house isn't a home without a parking space.

    13. Some people are uncomfortable with in the rear.

    14. Why is it best-looking cars are always the ones who only like parking in the rear?

    15. The better your parking techniques are the most parking spaces you can get into.
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