One day Chitragupt told Brahma that he should stop this scheme that if ladies keep Karva Chauth... they will get the same husband for the next 7 Janam.

    Brahma asked, "Why?"

    Chitragupt: Prabhu... it's becoming difficult to manage. The ladies want the same husband and the husbands want a new wife. It.s a problem to convince both.

    Brahma: But this can't be stopped. It's been going on since times immemorial.

    Just then Naarad muni comes and he suggested: On earth, there is a great person called 'Chanakya'. Ask him for a solution.

    (Chitragupt meets Chanakya)

    In one minute Chanakya solves the problem. He advised Chitragupt: Any lady who wants the same husband... tell her that, she will also get the same MOTHER IN LAW..!

    All women screamed, "Nahiiiiiii!!!!!
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