A workshop was done on women's relationship. They were told to send a message written "I Love You" to their husbands.

    Top 10 replies from husbands are:

    1. Are you alright? Feeling sick or something? Should I bring some medicine?

    2. What happened? Did you again hit my car?
    3. I am sorry, I didn't get it.

    4. What did you do this time? I'm not going to leave you.
    5. ?????
    6. Do not make things up! Just tell me now how much do you want for your shopping?
    7. You are telling me for whom this message was or I am going to kill you.
    8. O god!!! Again your mom-dad are here?

    9. I told you don't drink too much.

    And the ultimate one:
    10. May I know who is this?
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