A lumber camp advertises for a lumberjack. A skinny Canadian guy shows up at the camp the next day carrying an axe. The head lumberjack takes one look at the puny little guy and tells him to get lost.

    "Give me a chance to show you what I can do," says the skinny guy.

    "Okay, see that giant redwood over there?" says the head lumberjack. "Take your silly axe and cut it down."

    The guy heads for the tree, and in five minutes there is a mighty crash. The giant redwood is down, just barely missing the lumberjack's door.

    "I cut the tree down," says the guy.

    The lumberjack can't believe his eyes and says, "Where did you learn to chop down trees like that?"

    "In the Sahara Forest," says the puny man.

    "You mean the Sahara Desert," says the lumberjack.

    "Sure...... That's what they call it now!"
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