Laxman to Seeta: Stay offline`

    My watch is stuck between 2 and 2.30. It's a do or dhai situation.

    Jaya to Abhishek, spotting Amitabh in a rickshaw, "Rickshey Mein toh Woh Tumhare Baap Lagte Hai."

    Potato after 3 hours of interrogation by cops: 'Main batata hun, main batata hun.....

    A well executed theft without leaving any finger prints is a stainless steal.

    Sita, on Hanuman's arrival in Lanka: Yahoo! Messenger...

    Friends pay restaurant bills on a de-tu-de basis.

    'I laughed yesterday' in Hindi: 'Michael Hussey'

    Jackky, Life Mein Kitni Bhi Problems Aa Jaye Tum Kabhi Bhagnani.

    Elderly lady asked me the way to the temple. I replied 'Magistrate'.

    Me: Excuse me! Beer Ke Saath Kuch Complementary Toh Do..."
    Waiter: Nice Shirt, Saabji!

    Rahul Dravid's wristwatch, is technically a Wall Clock.

    Arsenal Naam Hi Galat Hai. Na- Se- Nal Hota Hai!

    Toll Booths are nothing but Bill Gates.

    Weed, tobacco, paper, filter: Joint family.

    What's the way to the cemetery?
    Go straight and take the last rite.

    God never tasted any cough syrup, because Khuda-na-Khasta.

    Go straight, then take the last rite.

    Vishwanathan Anand always gets tense, when the waiter brings in the folder and says 'Check!'
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