A Corps Commander was once visiting an Artillery Regiment of the Corps Arty Bde. A week before D-day, the CO held a special Sainik Sammelan and told everyone that the General was fond of asking questions, but he would ask only such questions to which he already knew the answers. So nobody should bluff. If they didn't have irrefutable and authentic proof of the correctness of the answer, they were not to give such an answer. They should just say: 'I don't know', and that's it; but they were not to attempt a Tukka.

    The Corps Cdr came, he was introduced to the unit officers & JCOs, he was briefed in the Ops Room, and then he was taken to see the gun positions.

    The Gun Det-cdr ordered the det to attention and gave a report to the Corps Cdr, "Numbe 3 Gun Det Aap Ke Inspection Ke Liye Ready Hai Sir." The General ordered everyone at ease, and seeing that the Det-cdr was Santa, switched to Punjabi mode, "Janaab, Ki Naam Hai Tuhadda."

    The JCO silently thanked God for this question, for which he did have an authentic and irrefutable answer. It was written on his I-card! He said, "Sir Ji, Mera Naam Subedar Santa Hai."

    General: "Aa Kedi gun Haigi?"

    The JCO again thanked his God as the name of the gun was engraved on the gun!! He promptly replied, :Sir Ji, Ye 130 mm Medium Gun Haigi... " or whatever the gun was.

    General, "Ek Gal Dasso Mainu Santa Ji... Main Suneya Hai Ki Is Gun Da Gola 20 Km Dur Jaanda Hai... Ki Eh Gall Sahi Hai?

    Santa silently cursed his stars. He knew the answer, but where the Hell was he to get authentic and irrefutable proof from? And at the same time, it was below his dignity to say that he didn't know. So he just kept quiet.

    The General repeated his question.

    So Santa hesitantly and tentatively said, "Haan Ji Sir Ji... Gall Toh Tuhaddi Theek Hai. Suneya Taan Asi Vi Hai Ke Gola 20 Km Jaanda Hai.... Per Asi Kadi Naal Ni Gaye...."
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