Have you witnessed few things suddenly getting changed in your life only in a span of 1 or 2 decades

    Curds became Yogurt!
    Biscuits became cookies!
    Sweet became Dessert!
    Washerman became Housekeeper!
    Rupees became bucks!
    Housewife became homemaker!
    Waiting area became Lobby!
    Lift became elevator!
    Toilet became rest room!
    Husband became Hubby!
    Wife became Honey!
    Doctor became Doc!
    Teacher became Faculty!
    Dosa became pancake!
    Coffee became cappuccino!
    Cake became Pastry!
    Scent became Perfume!
    Taxi became cab!
    Building became mall!
    Theatre became multiplex!!!
    Song became number!
    Dancer became item girl!!!
    Man became dude!
    Photo became pic!
    Biodata became Resume!
    Oh God became Omg!
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