Baadshah Akbar ke paas ek 12 inch ka chhota sa, pyara sa ghoda tha.

    Birbal: Jahan Panaha Apko Yeh Ghoda Kahan Se Mila?

    Akbar: Ek Baba Ne Diya Tha. Jo Bhi Maango Woh De Dete Hain.

    Birbal: Sach!!! Main Bhi Baba Ke Paas Jaaunga.

    Akbar: Jao Par Khayal Rahe Ki Baba Ek Hi Muraad Poori Karte Hain Aur Ooncha Sunte Hain.

    Birbal Baba Ke Paas Se Jab Laut Kar Aaye Toh Akbar Ko Bataya: Maine Baba Se Ek Bori Heere Maange The Aur Baba ne Mujhe Wk Bori Kheere De Diye.

    Akbar: Toh Tumne Kya Socha Tha Ki Main Baba Se 12 Inch Ka Ghoda Maangne Gaya Tha.
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